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I cannot navigate beyond the homepage of some websites? FAQ

In only a few cases, if you can only see the homepage of most of our websites you may be using a non-computer based system or a system that uses a very old browser. In these cases there is very little that can be done other than updating your system.

In the majority of cases where you cannot navigate beyond the homepage you will see a number of grey boxes at the top of the page. In these cases you have Javascript or Virtual Machine (VM) disabled on your computer. This can be corrected fairly simply.

You may have accidentally disabled VM, but the most usual cause is that you have a version of Windows XP which was produced without Javascript enabled. There has been a long standing battle between, the 2 USA based companies,  Sun and Microsoft about the copyright of Javascript. Although this has now been settled between the companies, for a period during the dispute Microsoft were forced to produce Windows software without their version of Virtual Machine, which was based on Javascript. If you are unable to see the hover buttons at the top of our older websites you probably have a version of Windows XP that does not have VM.

There are other solutions to the problem but the easiest solution is to download and run the Sun version of Javascript from the java.com website. If you go to http://www.java.com on the right of the homepage there is a yellow/orange button  "Download Java Software" by clicking on this button you can download the required software. Please ensure you run the program after downloading (this may happen automatically). The total download is just over 8mb so if you are not on broadband please be prepared for a download time in excess of 30 minutes.

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