Internet Safety

Fraud. Identity Theft. Scams… Let’s Protect Ourselves and Our Loved Ones

Unfortunately, our children, parents, neighbours, extended family and friends are increasingly susceptible to internet- and mobile-related crimes such as fraud, identity theft and scams as the world of technology extends into nearly every facet of our lives.

What can be done about it? – educate people!

We have found a series of articles (via Educator Labs) on the topic of Internet and Mobile Safety, selected the 8 we felt were the most useful, and then created our own guide. I’ve included links to everything below.

Social Networking Safety

Kids’ Rules for Online Safety

The Essential Teen Internet Safety Guide

Teen Internet Safety: A Parents Guide

Tips for Safe Internet Banking

Tips for Identifying Fraudulent Emails

Internet and Mobile Safety

Putting Parental Controls on Child’s Mobile Phone

The Parent’s Guide to Teens and Mobile Use