Exclude Files


Excluding files from publishing in a FrontPage web

It is sometimes necessary to exclude files from publishing if you are using Microsoft FrontPage to publish your website. These files generally fall into 3 categories and if you are using a guestbook on your website you have all 3 categories present on your website.

The first category is scripts. These are mini programs which carry out various tasks. The example on a typical website would be the file ****.cgi, located in the guestbook directory (**** on newer websites this filename varies on each website to avoid automated use by spammers). This is a non-FrontPage script which requires specific server permissions to allow the user to operate the program. If FrontPage publishes this file it will alter these permissions and the script will not work.

The next category are files which are altered by the user, such as the main guestbook file (guestbook/index.html). When someone signs your guestbook they add a new part to the file. Unless you download the file immediately before re-publishing it is unlikely that you will have the current version on your computer and you will publish an old version, without the latest entries. Publishing this file with FrontPage will also change permissions and not allow the guestbook to work.
If you need to edit your guestbook file you should download it using CuteFTP, you can then edit it (using FrontPage), save the file and close the editing program before uploading the file again using CuteFTP.

The third category are file which you need to protect from accidentally overwriting. The example of this on a typical website is oldindex.html, which is found in the root directory of your website. This file is the original “Welcome” screen, which was automatically set up by the server to give you information about the operation of your website. If this file is accidentally overwritten this information will be lost and is not easily recoverable.

Setting exclude

For a typical Equestrian Websites website with a guestbook, when you have downloaded the website (using CuteFTP) you should exclude the following 3 files from publishing:- oldindex.html, guestbook/bnbbook.cgi and guestbook/index.htm.

If you open the web in FrontPage and in folders view, for each file in turn, right click on the file and then left click on properties,

This brings up the properties dialogue window

you should then click on the workgroup tab

you should then ensure the “Exclude this file when publishing the rest of the Web” tickbox at the bottom is ticked. Click on Apply and then on OK.

Don’t forget to repeat this process for each of the files. If the files are in the same directory you may multiple select if you wish.

Please contact helpdesk@equestrianwebsites.com if you have any queries or difficulties with any of the above