Email Set-up

This explains how our clients would set-up Outlook Express to pick up mail directly from our POP3 mailservers and to send out mail, using their ISP’s smtp server. The setup for Microsoft Outlook is very similar to that for Microsoft Outlook Express but there are some minor detail changes.

Collecting your e-mail from your virtual server is simple and only takes a few minutes to setup.

We would recommend that you use Microsoft Outlook Express, if you don’t have a copy of this then you may download a copy from the Microsoft Site.

First of all launch Outlook Express and select “Tool” from the top menu, once you have done this select “Accounts”. You are now at a screen that allows you to setup a new POP3 account (a POP3 account is an account that stores mail on the server). Click on the “Mail” tab.

You now need to find out your existing email outgoing server. Select your existing email account in the window and then click on “properties” at the right of the window. Now click on the “servers” tab (top of window). Write down what is in the box alongside “Outgoing mail server (SMTP)”, you will need this later. Click on “Cancel” to close the top window.

On the right hand side of the screen that has re-appeared there is a button which says “Add”, click this and select “Mail” from the list. You are now in the “Add a new mail box wizard”. The details to enter in each box are below:-

Display Name: Put your real name here

E-mail Address: Enter the email address as shown on your website which is based on the domain name for your website.

Incoming Mail (POP3 or IMAP) Server: This information is obtainable from your “Welcome” email or from our Helpdesk.

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server: (enter the name of your Internet Service Providers outgoing mail server in this box (what you wrote down earlier)

Account Name: This information is obtainable from your “Welcome” email or from our Helpdesk.

Password: This information is obtainable from your “Welcome” email or from our Helpdesk.

Now select how you connect to the Internet, generally this would be through your phone line.

After you click on Finish you will return to the Email account listing and you will have a new account listed as the IP address of the mail server. You can change the account name from the IP by clicking on Properties and on the General tab ONLY (not the servers tab) changing the IP Number shown in Name Box to something more memorable such as (your domain name) mail.

Your mail account is now setup. You should download your mail on a regular basis, when you e-mail the Equestrian Websites Help Desk, replies from the helpdesk will automatically be set to this e-mail account.

In some cases your ISP may require that the outgoing mail server is authenticated with your ISP username and password. You will need to find this from your ISP’s website. As an example only, the set-up for BT Internet is as follows:

1. Start Outlook Express
2. Open Tools, then Accounts
3. Select the mail account you are using.
4. Click on Properties.
5. Select Servers
6. Tick My server requires authentication and click on Settings
7. Click on Log on Using
8 Enter your BT Account Name and password.
9. Click on OK, then on Apply then OK

*** Webmail web interface – Roundcube ***

You can also access you Email from any web browser at http://mail.yourwebsite.address/ (obviously change yourwebsite.address for your real website address – do NOT add www)

You will be required to enter your Username and password each time you enter Roundcube

The Roundcube interface is fairly self-explanatory, but if you require specific help please contact us.

Please delete unwanted messages and empty your trash folder frequently.