I know a website has been updated but I can only see the old pages. Why? FAQ

A simple click of the refresh button should enable you to view the updated page but if this doesn’t work it probably means that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is using a system of cacheing pages.

If you are using AOL you certainly will have this system, but it is also used by a few other ISP’s. The explanation and solution is given assuming you are on AOL but it will equally apply to these other ISP’s.

AOL use a system of cacheing pages – when someone requests a web page which is not on the AOL server, the whole page gets downloaded to the AOL server and the next time someone requests that page they display the version stored on their server. Obviously if a page gets changed people using AOL will still be seeing the old version stored on the AOL server. Cached pages are stored for up to a month by AOL before being deleted or renewed.

What you need to do is a forced refresh of the page – you may need to repeat this several times – until the new page gets displayed.

A forced refresh is done by holding down the “Ctrl” button on the keyboard whilst refreshing the page ( either click on the refresh button or right click on the page and click on refresh on the pop-up menu).