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Adding a page to your website

Adding a page to your website is something you can do yourself once you have mastered the basics of editing your website.

We have 2 tutorial guides available to take you through the steps to adding a page to your website. The first tutorial is for older websites that are based on a frames system, where the buttons at the top of the page are static and the content can scroll upwards underneath the buttons which remain visible on screen. Since 2007 all new websites have been constructed using a template system (some older websites may also have been converted to this system). With the template based website the top buttons scroll with the page content. The second tutorial deals with adding a page to a template based website.

Both tutorials have been written specifically for editing done with Microsoft ExpressionWeb versions 3 or 4 but the general principles will apply to earlier versions of ExpressionWeb or FrontPage or for that matter any other HTML editing program.

The tutorials are in pdf format so that they can easily be printed for use as a reference whilst actually adding the page

Please click HERE to open the tutorial for adding a page to a frames based website

and click HERE to open the tutorial for adding a page to a template based website

Please use our Helpdesk Ticketing System if you have any queries or difficulties with any of the above

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