Squirrel Mail not working

Squirrelmail webmail has not been working on our servers since an automated operating system update on the morning of 6th February. I have been following the problems caused by this update (not only squirrel mail) on a forum used by the authors of the update and have tried various fixes, to no avail. It seems that if and when there is a fix, webmail will only be accessible via the admin interface and not in the way you have been accessing it until now.

We have only ever recommended that you use webmail as a secondary method of accessing your emails and that your primary method should be to download your emails directly to your computer via an email program.

We already have a server dedicated to mail filtering (stopping spam, viruses etc.) and I am looking into the possibility of adding a further server to our server cluster to deal exclusively with email distribution. If we do go down this route, the new server would have a new webmail facility, but not Squirrelmail.

UPDATE 10/02/2014 6.40pm

I have now managed to get Squirrel Mail working via the admin interface on ns9.eqwebs.com (but unfortunately not on ns8.eqwebs.com). If your website is on ns9, login to your admin interface with your email username and password. Once in, click on the Personal Profile tab at the top of the screen and on the next screen click on the webmail tab near the top left of the screen

This is not an ideal solution but at least you will be able to use this method to access your emails until I can sort out a better solution.

I hope to be able to get ns8 working like this tomorrow and I will also be testing a new webmail solution.

UPDATE 11/02/2014 10.40am

Squirrel Mail is now working via the admin interface on all of our servers.

UPDATE 1/03/2014

We now have Roundcube Mail working on all our servers as a replacement for SquirrelMail. As we are NOT enabling this by default, if you want this enabled for your virtual server please contact us to request this.